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CBQuotables#1: “Hong Kong Mississippi”

Welcome to CBQuotables (tm)… where we highlight the best quotes on the cat bidet lifestyle… by some of today’s biggest stars…

"Don’t be one of these guys who keeps the cat bidet in the basement. Either put a spotlight on it or live in the dark with the rest of the fools."
Steve Jobs--wait, what?Steve Jobs

"The thing about Latin America that most people will never understand is that what you call ‘magical realism’ we call ‘real life.’ And what you call ‘Cat Bidet’ we call ‘culo ducha del gato.’"
Archangel Gabriel Garcia MarquezGabriel García Márquez

"Cat Bidets always been around, and they always gonna be around. You look a sane cat in the eye and tell me he don’t want a clean asshole."
Cameron Diaz, Sr.Cameron Diaz Sr.